Terms of Reference of Policing Authority Review of Public Order Policing (26 October 2018)


    In accordance with section 117(2)(c) of the Garda Síochána Act 2005, as amended, the Policing Authority hereby requests the Garda Inspectorate to examine the effectiveness of the policing of public order situations by the Garda Síochána. In particular, the inspection will focus on the contingency planning for and response to serious incidents that have the potential to undermine wider public confidence in policing as a result of serious breakdown in public order. It is not intended that this review will focus on major annual or recurring sporting or cultural events.


    Specifically the Inspection will assess the effectiveness of policing with reference to international best practice and all relevant factors affecting the following:

    •          Effective leadership and the embedding of human rights and the Code of Ethics in all aspects of public order policing;
    •          Organisational governance and accountability in terms of strategy, policy and strategic assessment of threat risk and harm and evidenced adherence to these;
    •          Operational capability (including outside Dublin), capacity, and delivery in terms of intelligence, risk assessment, planning, resourcing (to include equipment and technology), training, communications, decision-making and command; and
    •          Post-incident management in terms of investigation, organisational learning and health safety and welfare.


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