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    Establishment of the Garda Inspectorate

    The Garda Síochána Inspectorate is a statutory body independent in its operation, established under Part 5 of the Garda Síochána Act 2005 which commenced its work on 26 July 2006. Its objective is to ensure that the resources available to the Garda Síochána are used to maintain and achieve the highest levels of effectiveness and efficiency in its operation and administration as measured against best international practice.

    Functions of the Inspectorate

    The Inspectorate fulfils its objective by carrying out inspections or enquiries on the operation and/or administration of the Garda Síochána. This can be done either on its own initiative, if it considers it appropriate to do so, or at the request of the Policing Authority in respect of a matter relating to policing services or by the Minister for Justice and Equality. Having carried out an inspection or an enquiry, a report on the findings, together with recommendations for necessary action where appropriate, is then submitted to the Policing Authority or the Minister as the case may be. By law, all reports of the Inspectorate submitted to the Minister must be laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas (Irish Parliament). Another function of the Inspectorate is to provide advice to the Policing Authority or the Minister with regard to best policing practice if requested.

    Inspections and Inquiries

    As part of the process of compiling its reports, the Inspectorate carries out extensive research and consults with a variety of key stakeholders which may include: Garda Síochána staff – both sworn and non-sworn at all levels and ranks throughout the organisation, representative organisations and unions, statutory and voluntary stakeholders, policy-makers, international policing experts, as well as local community members with an interest in policing.


    The values that the Inspectorate aspires to in carrying out its work are:

    • Independence: To be objective, fair and impartial basing reports on a through and rigorous evaluation of considered evidence;
    • Integrity: To act with honesty, reliability and fairness at all times;
    • Timeliness: To carry out our responsibilities in a timely manner;
    • Courtesy and respect: To deal with all persons and organisations in a polite, transparent and professional manner.
    • Work excellence: To ensure that all work carried out within our remit will be to the best standard achievable. 

    In accordance with the 2005 Act, the Inspectorate is independent in the performance of its functions.

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